Who is Michele Elizabeth?

A Review by Andrew Stephenson

Although hard to contain within a few labels you could best describe Michele as a Mystic, Life Coach and Spiritual Entrepreneur.

Michele can transform your life if you let her. But she doesn’t do it for you, she guides you so that you make those revelations for yourself, it’s the only way it will stick. Michele is kind compassionate and patient but she is also very direct.

I have worked with Michele and I am a different person and in a different place than I was before, I feel calm and balanced, I have let go of almost everything I was anxiously trying to control and my life just flows with ease. Michele’s energy is so inspiring I hope you get to see that for yourself.

Having worked for herself and run many successful businesses since the age of 20, Michele also put herself through University and earned a BSc (Hons) in Psychology with The OU.

Growing up Michele always thought that she would be a Journalist until life changed her path and she began questioning her own thoughts and emotions and so began her journey of self- discovery.

Michele was born able to sense the energy of others, causing a great deal of confusion growing up but she didn’t start to consciously develop her psychic and then mystic abilities until she was in her mid 20’s. By the time she was in her 30’s she was using her Mystic abilities not only in her personal life but also in the practical day to day running of her businesses, much to the amazement of her employees.

Although Michele has had many successful business over the years in many different sectors her love has always been helping people unlock their true potential. She spent many years as a counsellor, hypnotherapist and Meditation teacher until life once again took her in another direction.

At the beginning of 2016 Michele once again returned to her love, Personal and Spiritual Development. The past 25 years have been an intense training school for Michele and the result is she lives a life of balance love and harmony, everything just seems to flow for her and if she wants for anything it just seems to appear, as if by magic.

Once Michele was able to create the life of her dreams and live a life of consistent bliss she wrote a course so that you could do the same. It is easy to follow and Michele guides you every step of the way and it has been having astounding results.

Michele was teaching this to small groups within her local area and in 1:1 Coaching Sessions but the transformations were so encouraging it needed to find a wider audience and Michele found she was turning clients away as she was only offering it locally, so began the creation of her Online Course.

Michele is in the process of making this course available online but these things take time and she is also looking at other avenues to get it to you quicker. (since this was written the course has been launched, you can get more details here)

You get the impression that sometimes she may pop with the excitement, she knows it’s transformational, she knows the energy is perfect for supporting you in this and she just wants everyone to be as joyful as she is…..all the time.

If you are interested in knowing more please Register your interest here ….

Michele has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Business Personal and Spiritual development, she knows what she is talking about, she has lived it.

When I asked Michele if she wished she had developed the course earlier, she said

“No not all , everything has its time. I have been creating this course for the past 25 years as the process of my own development unfolded. It only came together as a complete course once I had come together as a complete me. If I began teaching after the first revelation it would have been like having one driving lesson and thinking I can be an instructor. I teach what I am and I am what I teach, the proof is in the pudding so I guess I am that pudding”

I asked Michele what she thought, looking back, of her journey so far and this is what she said

“My life has played out perfectly and I wouldn’t change anything, even my darkest hours have held within them great joy and gratitude, for the lessons they present.

As I look back I can see how each moment was another stepping stone to where I am today , which my friend is a beautiful place indeed. It still leaves me awestruck and it just gets better every day”

I hope you get the opportunity to work with Michele , there will be tears, laughter ,shrieks of amazement and profound transformations. The greatest gift I got from working with Michele was I found out how to truly love myself and now the sky is the limit.

When I share these things with Michele she just looks at me with that smile that tells me she knew all along I would get there.

Andrew Stephenson

Michele Teaching

"But don't sit too close, she talks with her hands!"