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Whether I am coaching, counselling, healing, teaching meditation or doing energy work, Alphamusic has helped me achieve extraordinary results.


This music helps me and my clients break down barriers so much quicker as my client is able to reach a calm and meditative state very quickly.








When I saw how much further I could go with this music I made it an integral part of all the work I do. It benefits me the client and the energy of the room and appears to have an accumulative effect.


The benefits I experienced with my work spilled into my home life and playing Alphamusic helped my son considerable with his ADHD.

I have my own concentration issues and playing Alphamusic in the background is an absolute must these days to help me focus on one task.


We Love Alphamusic because it has helped our lives enormously when conventional help was medication.


I also play Sound of Peace to my dogs when I have to leave them and it helps considerably with their separation anxiety..


These are just a few of the reasons why I am such a strong advocate of John's Music!


So what is Alphamusic ?


Alphamusic is a Powerful Relaxing & Meditation.Music


It is a tried and tested natural music remedy that has shown to be effective for a whole host of common ailments.


From Insomnia & ADHD to Anxiety & Stress. 


But it goes beyond that, when our body is in Alpha State it is resting at its optimum state. Which allows the body to heal itself to rest and rejuvenate, allowing it to bring itself back into balance.


This affects our whole system, mentally emotionally physically and spiritually. (read more about the benefits of increasing your alpha brain waves further down the page)


The scientific brainwave research that Alphamusic is based upon, has showed how effective this music is and how does it change brainwaves from stressed beta to calm alpha.


If you want to know more about Alphamusic and read how can this music help you,


                            for more information and samples.

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AlphamusicYour natural remedy INSOMNIA-A THING OF THE PAST!CLICK HERE FOR FREE ALPHAMUSIC SAMPLES (1) The Alphamusic of John Levine baner

Alphamusic of John Levine

Since I discovered John Levine’s Alphamusic I have never used any other music in my therapies!