Breathing is an automatic function, something we don't have to think about, so we wouldn't be foolish in assuming that we were doing it right!

But most of us aren't and with the stresses and pressures of modern living our breathing gets worse

Breathing brings oxygen into our body and our body needs oxygen for everything, the more we give it the better it functions

Breathing is the first step to Meditating, Astral Travel, Healing and any form of Energy Work

So it is well worth looking into this further and bringing your attention to how you breathe


We are rubbish at the outbreath, we focus on breathing in as the important bit, but breathing out is equally so.

By not breathing out fully we get a build up of toxins and leave stangnant air & carbon dioxide in our systems.

This causes endless physical symptoms.


Our breathing is often too short and too shallow as a result we are not getting enough oxygen into our bodies.

Our cells need oxygen, if they don't get enough they can't do their job properly and begin to break down.

With proper breathing you can achieve a 100% Oxygen saturation rate.


We need to slow it right down and make it much deeper. Allow your breath to really fill your body.

A rule of nature is those animals who breathe slowly live the longest.

Stomach breathing is the technique that you want bring your attention to, right now I bet you are chest breathing.


Most people chest breathe, it is neither the most efficient or healthiest way to breathe nor is it our natural technique.

However modern living has made this our default setting but we can change this just by bringing our awarenss to it and re-training our muscles.

Put your hand on your chest and on your stomach and just breathe normally, notice how your chest rises but your stomach stays flat. Now take a deep breath in as you normally would and notice how your chest rises higher and your tummy may tuck in a little. Also pay attention to your out breath, I bet when you don't think about it your outbreathe is shorter than your in breath.

Although when you take a deep breath in your lung fill full they aren't, when you chest breathe you only fill the top and middle sections of your lungs. The bottom section, which is the optimum section for oxygen transfer into the blood, remains empty or worse still full of stagnant air and carbon dioxide.

Our posture also contributes to the likelihood we are chest breathing and restricts our oxygen intake further.

This is not to say you should never chest breathe, and for a full breath cycle chest breathing is part of that, we just start in the belly and move up.


Stomach breathing is a much more efficient way of breathing, it fills all three sections of our lungs in particular the lower section which is most efficient at getting vital oxygen into our system.

Babies naturally breathe this way and so do we when we lie flat on our backs, try it but support your knees or back with a pillow if you need to.

Place your hand on your chest and stomach and breathe normally, notice that your hand on your stomach rises this time. Now take a deep breathe, again notice it is the stomach that rises first, if you breathe deep enough you will then notice the chest rise. Notice how your hands move on the outbreath.

In meditation we use both chest and stomach breathing in a smooth cycle or roll.

You will go much deeper and quicker into your meditations if you stomach breathe.

Having a well established stomach breathing practice is vital if you want to astral travel or work more deeply with energy, or at least do it well.



  • Breathing is the main way that we get Oxygen into our body, All of our organs need oxygen to run efficiently & to survive.
  • The more oxygen we can provide our body, the healthier we will be. You can achieve a 100% Oxygen Saturation Rate.
  • It is a way to bring Life Source or Prana into our bodies
  • Greater elimination of Toxin and waste products
  • Our brain requires a large amount of oxygen to operate; often effects of shallow breathing are lack of concentration, sluggishness, decreased mental capacity, dulled hearing, and depression.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Increased Mental Awareness and acquity of senses
  • Elevation of Mood
  • Reducing stress and tension, Lowering Blood Pressure
  • Helping with PMT and Hot Flashes
  • Pain management
  • Not to mention all the physiological benefits, to read more about the positive effects you can expect clink the link

100 Benefits of Meditation

Stomach Breathing – How to do it

Firstly you must always breathe through your nose; this is the most optimum way to get Prana into your system.

Also your nose is perfectly designed to keep toxins out of your system.

Lay on your back, with pillows supporting your neck and knees if required.

Until you get used to stomach breathing it is useful to start on your back. It is natural for you to use stomach breathing in this position and it is easier to notice its effects.

Rest your hands across your stomach at the bottom of your rib cage, with your middle fingers almost touching each other.

Take a deep breathe in and feel your stomach expand and your fingers separate slightly. At this point your diaphragm is pushing downwards expanding your stomach.

Slowly release all the air feeling your stomach fall as you do. Practice this for 5 minutes