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Free Stuff

Hey, Welcome to my page of Personal & Spiritual Development free stuff, whether you want tips on how to deal with anxiety, would like to try meditation, In need of healing or would just like some spiritual terms clarified you should find something here for you.


I love to answer any questions you may have via video so send me an email on any topic relating to life, our purpose and our journey of personal and spriitual development.

                                                                  Enjoy, Love and laugher Michele xxx

Being an Empath

We all have this sense

Psychic Attacks

How to deal with them

Manifesting your dreams


What is the Duality Paradigm?


Tarot Reading Demonstration




Relaxing & Balancing


Listening to your Heart Truths


Dealing with intense energy situations like family holidays





Dealing with



Relaxing, Releasing

& Recharging


What does Ascension Mean?


Anxiety & Worrying 5 Min energy tip


5 Minute Meditation


How do I show up in my life?

Being an Empath

Get to know your own energy meditation