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You are a good person, you think of others before yourself, always do your best and are kind gentle and respectful.

You have offered yourself in service and have some spiritual gifts that you use to help others. Yet your life is a bit of a shambles, money may be tight and there is discord in the family, people take advantage of your good nature and life just seems to be full of ups and downs.


You meditate and visualise trying to manifest an easier life, a clearer path but it just doesn’t seem to work or at least not consistently. Why you ask yourself repeatedly?




You are a good kind person outwardly and consciously but the opposite must also be true, (Remember the magnets, we can’t have positive without negative) unconsciously you have an unkind and mean spirited element to you


You are not aware of this and it doesn’t very often come to the surface or it may never show itself consciously but it is there. By denying this we actually give it more power but we are not aware of this. It is also a tough concept to accept about yourself, especially as it triggers the ego and that’s another story.


So you put out your positive intentions and manifestations, imagine this as a golden stream of energy, being created within you and then directed outwards, this is the energy of the thing that you want to manifest. This energy acts like a beacon attracting similar energy to it, therefore creating in your environment what you wanted to manifest.


That is how it works in theory and once you become a clear vessel is how it works, however for most people there are a few things that happen first, distorting your manifesting energy and often creating the opposite of what you desired.


So you have a desire for more money, you visualise it, say your affirmations and believe it to be true, however your underlying mind-set and belief systems tell you that it is materialistic to want more money, it is greedy and selfish. You don’t deserve it, you are lazy, you know the drill we have all had that voice in our head. This begins to lower the vibrational rate of the manifesting energy you have created.


This dialogue of not being worthy or greedy will then trigger the opposite states of unkind and mean spirited in your unconscious. This lowers your manifesting energy’s vibrational rate even further. At this point the thing that you are most likely to manifest is matched more to your conditioned fears and anxieties and the opposite states in your unconscious than what you were aiming for.


You not only manifest in your life more money struggles but also dealings with mean, unkind greedy and selfish people because that is the energy signature you are putting out there, albeit unconsciously.


Negative states such as sadness or anger are fear based and have a dense low vibrational energy.


Positive states like Happiness are love based and have a light and high vibrational energy.


Unity states such as Joy have an even higher more consistent yet more grounded vibrational energy. Like attracts like.


Everyone who can manifest consistently with ease will tell you that you have to work on your inner issues first, positive affirmations will only go so far as they won’t dissolve the conditioning and they won’t fundamentally change the structure of your mind-set and belief systems which is what creates your reality.


So don't stop being kind, caring and generous that is fabulous, just be aware that there is more going on than meets the eye and maybe you would like to do something about it.






Love & Laughter

      Michele xxx