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We all have those moments when we need a little clarity or direction and a card reading is perfect to give you greater insight into an issue you are dealing with.








I have been using the Tarot for over 20 years and have found it an excellent tool to connect into the energies of the past present and future.


I love my deck and have been working with The Glastonbury Tarot exclusively since the beginning; we are such a fabulous team I have had no need to look elsewhere.


The Tarot helps me to connect into the energies of the past present and future; it shows me the thread of information that needs to be drawn down.








The beauty of the Tarot is it will always show you what you need to see, which is not always the same as what you want to see but it is often in that moment that the penny drops for you and everything changes.


I highly recommend learning to read for yourself, it is a great way to connect into your own universal energy that is in all of us. What I do you can do too, you just have to believe. (oh and practice )




If you feel a little stuck, need guidance or validation then a reading is a great option for you.


It can help you stand back and get a wider perspective on an issue.


Give you hope and inspiration that you are on the right path.


And sometimes give you the kick that you need to move forward.

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Love & Laughter

Michele xxx

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Natalie Moloney

28 December 2016

I had a live card reading which couldn't have been more accurate if I had said it myself. Incredible.

5 star rating

I often pop up for an hour and do live readings for whoever is around M xx


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