A collection of personal development and coaching resources

The UNITY Tool Kit©

The UNITY Tool Kit© is a series of personal development and coaching resources that you can use on your own, with a group or with a facilitator to look at where in your life you may be experiencing blocks, issues and problems. It will highlight for you what you need to be looking at and offer you insight into how you can resolve it.

Working with the UNITY Tool Kit© will help you create balance, success and joy in all areas of your life.

All of the tools work are very effective on their own but when you have the whole tool kit you have everything you need to create the life that you dream about.

The Unity Tools follow a simple path to achieve BALANCE

Awareness - Expression - Reflection - Re-programme/Release = Balance

"Sometimes we have to get out of our own way, we are the greatest obstacle to our own success"

The results are transformational as the tools work on the mental, emotional and physical and action levels, helping to peel away the layers of conditioning, limiting

beliefs and distorted perspectives that keep you stuck and healing the wounds that keep you in fear


The Unity card set is quick, direct and effective, showing you where you are out of balance and blocked with the Duality cards (emotional mental physical and behavioural imbalances) and offering you a solution with the Unity cards (balanced energy states)

The UNITY Tool Kit© will work with you as you take responsibility and reach a higher level of self awareness.

You will see where you are getting in your own way and how to take steps to resolve it.

The Unity Card Set will be ready for sale January 2018

We are currently taking Pre-Orders for our standard and limited edition packs.

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Incorporating the card set the Reaching Unity© Game takes your self development a step further, following a board game layout you can physically travel your path to your goal, via all the hurdles and obstacles that have been thrown in your way.

With additional card sets focusing on ego distractions and blocks, moral dilemmas and shifting perspectives, with space for time out and reflections, and crossroad squares which will bring to light the choices you make and your freewill, this tool will clearly lay your life out before your eyes.

With this fresh insight you will be guided to a set of action steps that if you choose to implement, transforms your life! It really empowers you to see the bigger perspective and get out of your own way.

You are quite literally transforming your life as you travel your way around the board!


The Unity Tool Kit© began with this course, it is the core of all Michele’s teachings and tools and is the ultimate handbook for life.

There are two levels to the course, The first is personal, teaching you the techniques and perspectives to clear your mind, balance your emotions, release your pain and truly step into your true potential.

This course has the most outstanding transformative and empowering results, issues clients have struggled with for years, they are able to deal with once and for all.

The Second is Practitioner level, an accredited course, enabling you to be a UNITY Practitioner. Working one to one and in groups with the whole UNITY Tool Kit© Collection.

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The UNITY Tool Kit© © is leading the way in personal development because it doesn’t scratch the surface and it doesn’t do it for you.

You are the warrior in your own life and you can change the game with these empowering resources!


Work with The UNITY Tool Kit© Cards and Game in a day workshop with an accredited Facilitator/Practitioner. These are in small groups of 4 which enables each of you to focus on a persistent issue in your life and move clearly towards resolving it for good.

The UNITY Tool Kit© Workshops are direct, insightful and transformative, cutting straight to the core of your issue so that you can free yourself from constantly repeating the same patterns.


Reaching Unity© Retreats are 7 day intensive retreats that teach you the tools, techniques and mindset shifts that are taught in Michele’s 6 month Unlock the Potential of You Course and using the NEW and EXCLUSIVE Reaching Unity© Game

Prepare to have your mind blown in a way that all makes perfect sense and drastically shifts the way you see yourself, your life and the impact you have on the world.